Multifunctional Spray

A multi functional product specially formulated oil based maintenance spray that releases rusted parts, replaces moisture, cleans and protects components, prevents rust formation, acts as a lubricant, stops creeks and squeaks from hinges etc.

How does it work?

It forms a thin film on the components which prevents mild corrosion due to environmental effects. Its special deep penetrating action loosens rusted and frozen (Jammed) parts, assemblies and threaded joints which are a must for industries, garages, electrical, household equipment maintenance.

Storage uses:

  1. Widely used as a temporary corrosion preventatives for metal surfaces likely to corrode in storage or during use.
  2. Contains water displacing solvent based rust inhibitors that leave temporary protective films on metal surfaces.
  3. Protects metal parts from the damaging effects of moisture, air, detergents & other contaminants.
  4. An effective rust inhibitor for protecting machined parts in storage or after rust stripping.

Industrial uses:

  1. Stopping squeaks in door hinges.
  2. Loosening rusted or seized components, nuts and screws for easier removal.
  3. Spraying on hand tools, prior to storage, to help prevent rust.
  4. Cleaning objects affected by grease, dirt, or adhesive residue.
  5. Lubricating chains.
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