Anti-Corrosive Lacquer

A translucent lacquer which provides an excellent anticorrosive action for a wide range of corrosive chemicals. It is used in industries like refrigeration, chemical plants, petroleum and sewage treatment plants where excessive moisture & corrosive chemical fumes are present.

Areas of application:

  1. It is recommended for long term corrosion protection of structural steel in acidic, alkaline and other chemical environments.
  2. Typical areas are steel in chemical machinery, pipelines of steel, and electroplating industries.
  3. Used for undercoating of automotive undercarriages.
  4. Protective coating for mild steel sheets, machined parts and structures during shipping or storage.


  1. Resistant to wear, salt water, splashes of mineral oils, aliphatic solvents.
  2. Excellent acid alkali resistance.
  3. Excellent resistance to climatic and environmental influence.
  4. Single pack and easy to use which does not require much skill to apply.
  5. Long term protection at low maintenance costs.
  6. Quick drying time ensure no lag on production line.
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