Choke and Carburetor Cleaner

A multipurpose spray that cleans contaminants from carburetors chokes, sparkplugs, multipoint injectors, etc. It dissolves removes and cleans oil, grease, dirt, varnish and gum deposits. Does not harm or cause damage to catalytic converters hence it can be used on running engine with out disassembling the carburetor.

Area of application

  1. Internal and external cleaning of carburetors.
  2. Cleaning build-up deposits on choke and linkage assemblies.
  3. Cleaning spark plugs and multipoint injectors.


  1. Smoothens operation of carburetor and choke linkages.
  2. Makes vehicle free of sticky throttle.
  3. Does not leave any residue on drying.
  4. Dissolves and cleans gum, dirt, grease and oil deposits and prevents further build-up.
  5. Can be used on running engine.
  6. Easy to use aerosol packing.
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